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Solar's tax credit fight could lead to 'Tomorrow Power & Light' or 'World War III'

The fight for solar’s tax credit could be a war against oil and gas interests but also lead to a 21st century system.

Oct. 21, 2014 / Herman K. Trabish (Utility Dive)

Nevada regulators launch investigation into smart meter fires

Utilities in Oregon, Pennsylvania and Canada have replaced Sensus meters after reports of fires. 

Oct. 21, 2014 / Davide Savenije (Utility Dive)

Can concrete push wind turbines over 100 meters tall?

DOE has backed research into taller turbines that would give access to more consistent winds. 

Oct. 21, 2014 / Robert Walton (Utility Dive)

Kansas City Southern: Rail congestion leaves 8 plants low on coal

Deliveries could rebound in the last quarter of the year.

Oct. 21, 2014 / Robert Walton (Utility Dive)

Slowing load growth delays Arizona transmission projects

More than half of planned projects over 345-kv have been delayed since 2012.

Oct. 21, 2014 / Robert Walton (Utility Dive)

Michigan senators challenge Upper Peninsula rate increase

Northern MI residents shouldn't pay for the upkeep of an old, dirty coal plant, they say. 

Oct. 20, 2014 / Gavin Bade (Utility Dive)

CPS Energy proposes net metering alternative based on wholesale markets

CPS Energy wants to small solar providers to compete for power purchase agreements.

Oct. 20, 2014 / Gavin Bade (Utility Dive)

Nuclear operators seek to extend life of reactors to 80 years

Keeping nuclear plants online could save money and help meet emissions targets, but is it safe?

Oct. 20, 2014 / Robert Walton (Utility Dive)

Michigan bill could exempt wind power from zoning, building permits

The bill would add wind power to the state's "Right to Farm" law.

Oct. 20, 2014 / Robert Walton (Utility Dive)

Investor group to acquire Cleco for $4.7B

There will be a new CEO for the Louisiana utility after the deal closes.

Oct. 20, 2014 / Davide Savenije (Utility Dive)