Pike predicts 380 million Chinese smart meters by 2020

Dive Summary:

  • Pike Research has release a new report, titled "Smart Grid in China," which breaks down the numbers behind the country's smart grid development program.
  • In the analysis, the report projects that China's installed base of smart meters will grow from 139 million in 2012 to reach 377 million by 2020.
  • The same projections put China's total transmission investment at $72 billion by 2020.

From the press release:

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The power grid in China is undergoing a fundamental upgrade, focusing on the development of a smart grid. A primary element of this transformation is the deployment of interactive technologies, including smart meters for residences and businesses. According to a new report from Pike Research, a part of Navigant’s Energy Practice, the installed base of smart meters in China will reach 377 million by 2020, growing from 139 million in 2012. The penetration rate for smart meters will reach 74 percent in the same year, the report concludes. ...

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