Sunverge Energy to roll out solar management system

Dive Brief:

  • Sunverge Energy said its next generation solar integration system will be available to customers this summer, featuring a cost-effective package with more battery options and more system intelligence than the original SIS.

  • Sunverge’s SIS is designed to offer an array of grid services, including back-up power mode, self-consumption mode, time-of-use optimization mode, and peak shifting mode.

  • The Sunverge SIS can be integrated into existing or new solar panel installations.

Dive Insight:

As the solar power market evolves, it is becoming less dependent on the vagaries of the sun. Battery storage and intelligent controllers are enabling solar power to be used more flexibly, enhancing the value of the resource for customers.

One of the latest entries into the field is Sunverge Energy’s next generation solar integration system.

"Our newest Solar Integration System gives utilities and solar providers more options for linking multiple systems into a virtual power plant to shift peak load and provide other benefits to the homeowner and grid," Ken Munson, co-founder and CEO of Sunverge, said in a statement.

Virtual power plants can be created by using interactive, digital technology to integrate distributed energy resources into the grid, allowing more widespread use of intermittent resources like wind and solar power and enhancing reliability by increasing the flexibility of the system.

Sunverge, which aims to make its new solar integration system available to customers this summer, says its SIS supports multiple lithium-ion battery chemistries and a wide range of storage capacities. The San Francisco-based company also said its new SIS is lighter, more modular and easier to install than its predecessor model.

In October, a small Kentucky municipal utility signed a deal to have Sunverge install energy storage systems as part of a demand response program targeting peak demand in the southern portion of the state.

With partners Pacific Housing and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Sunverge is implementing 2500 R Midtown, which will be among the first “net zero energy” communities in Sacramento, meaning that the buildings will generate enough electricity to serve all the residents’ needs by capturing and storing solar energy.

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