Clean Energy Meets the Electric Utility Industry

March 21, 2018  • Washington, D.C.

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We’re back in the nation’s capital at the Utility Dive offices for a one-day workshop covering clean energy, the electric utility industry and the promise of clean transportation. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!  When it’s over, you’ll understand the difference between clean, green, renewable, as well as advanced energy choices. You’ll find out why Tesla got the cool car named after him (instead of Edison), how the industry is being changed by new energy choices, politics & which roles which agencies play, unbundling, deregulation, how utilities are motivated, the promise of transportation electrification, and so much more!

If you are new to the industry or you communicate, do business development or marketing, finance, legal, or IT around the electric utility industry for suppliers, utilities, clean energy companies, new service companies, associations, or policymakers, this is the program for you to get a strong grasp of the whole picture in a fun, interactive workshop setting.