Cognitive CIS: Customer Service for the Utility of the Future

April 15, 2021  • Webinar 2pm ET

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Many utilities have made strides toward digitalization — but that progress often isn’t visible yet to the most important utility stakeholder: the customer. Utility customer service tends to be one of the most costly and challenging aspects of the utility business, often frustrating to both utility customers and employees.

Companies like Amazon, Apple and Uber have set a high bar for customer service expectations. Fortunately, utilities can quickly start to offer an experience that meets or exceeds those expectations by adopting a cloud-based, cognitive CIS platform. A cognitive CIS solution allows utilities to:

  • Offer multiple communication channels with seamless switching
  • Support simple, individualized self-service which suggests relevant options at the right time
  • Reduce customer service costs while improving satisfaction
  • Enhance program and product development, targeting and profitability Learn how your utility (and your customers) can benefit from cognitive CIS