Mastering the Digital Customer Experience in the Data-Driven Era

Oct. 2, 2018  • Webinar 2 PM EDT

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Digital business is quickly becoming the new normal for revenue generation today. That’s why forward-looking business leaders will want to be ahead of the curve to maximize their revenue potential.

Improving the customer experience is at the heart of this push toward digital. As consumer expectations continue to evolve and market forces become more competitive, businesses are looking to their data to power many of these objectives. But they’re finding the data is rarely is a suitable state to be used for this purpose.

This summer, we conducted a unique study to uncover the drivers for digital transformation and customer experience efforts at U.S. organizations. Join this webinar to hear the results and our analysis, including:

  • 99% of companies use data to improve the digital customer experience
  • 97% say they have challenges delivering an excellent customer experience, the biggest being a lack of customer data insight
  • 92% of companies say quality data is the fuel for digital transformation
  • 90% say enabling trusted data across the business is an ongoing priority