Digital Agility: How Utilities Are Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Dec. 12, 2017  • Online

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Utilities today are facing a host of challenges and changes … from dealing with an aging infrastructure to integrating renewables and distributed energy to managing the new expectations of their customers. How can they continue to address these challenges without compromising their ability to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy to their customers? Digital solutions may be the answer, and industry experts are weighing in during this webinar.

Register today for an informative hour with experts from MIT, PG&E and Siemens Digital Grid.

Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Time: 2PM EST

Key topics covered in this webinar include: 

• Adopting new grid modernization strategies
• Evolving utility roles
• The sustainable business model
• Building new revenue streams
• Leading customer examples of grid modernization and digitalization
• Breakthrough technologies, changing customer behavior and political influences
• Increasing system and market challenges
• Extreme weather and grid resilience