Most utilities today are pushing their existing power plants longer and harder than ever. This can limit capital expenditures for new generations, but there’s a substantial trade off: operations and maintenance (O&M) costs are rising steeply.

Some organizations attempt to manage O&M costs by deferring maintenance, which often leads to unplanned risks and increased costs. Ultimately, many utilities are turning to new tools and long-term planning strategies to control costs.

Our latest webinar will provide guidance on how to reduce overtime, avert problems with ISOs and regulators, increase O&M bench time and generally get more value for every O&M dollar your utility spends. We'll also highlight:

  • What causes utility O&M costs to spiral, for both coal and gas-fired central plants
  • Optimizing routine (online) maintenance for generation
  • Defining the scope of offline maintenance, and strategically managing change to that scope
  • Increasing productivity by reducing project bottlenecks and delays
  • Coordinating effectively and efficiently with staff and vendors
  • Fostering a vision and transparency for effective long-term O&M planning 

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