The world’s energy systems are changing profoundly, bringing opportunities and risks as energy generation transitions from fossil-based to zero-carbon. In response to declining demand, DNV GL’s 2019 Energy Transition Outlook’s key findings reveal that primary supply will peak around 2030.

This trend persists in spite of population growth due to more efficient technologies in sectors like buildings, manufacturing and transportation. At the same time, generation from wind and solar will increase, requiring investments in grid infrastructure and the addition of grid flexibility from storage and more.  

By stripping away the noise and only looking at market functions, The Energy Transition Outlook provides a look at how energy markets, demand and generation transform. 

This webinar will explore:

  • Concrete examples of how the energy transition is occurring in markets throughout North America and globally 
  • The drivers behind this industry-wide transition 
  • What the changes mean for the energy industry in the long- and short-term