The First Utility-Operated Microgrid Cluster: Commonwealth Edison and Siemens

April 23, 2019  • Webinar 2 pm ET

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As the electric grid becomes increasingly digital and the demand for renewable power, security and reliability grows, microgrids are expected to become more mainstream and serve as a core piece of a utility’s infrastructure. Going up on Chicago’s South Side, the first utility-operated microgrid cluster by Commonwealth Edison will forever change the electric energy landscape in the United States.

ComEd’s vision of uninterrupted power in the face of disasters will change its own business while positively impacting its customers. Join Utility Dive as ComEd and Siemens make the case for utility-operated microgrid clusters through the demonstration of the Bronzeville Community Microgrid project. We'll cover:

  • Why industry experts see microgrids as the future of the industry
  • Benefits of microgrids, including security and energy accessibility
  • What to expect from ComEd's Bronzeville Community Microgrid project​

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