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Company Description

Founded in 1974, Power System Engineering (PSE) has been providing professional engineering and consulting services for more than 40 years.  Serving the electric utility, energy, agricultural and industrial sectors throughout North America, we are making a difference by uniting innovative solutions with proven approaches that bridge today’s framework to tomorrow’s comprehensive infrastructure and platform required for a stronger economy, a sustainable future, and a better way of life.  Our team consists of engineers, economists, consultants, analysts, and technicians who share the values of client relationships, colleagues, integrity, opportunity, safety, and community.

We are forward-thinking professionals helping clients and colleagues achieve their goals.

Job Description

General Summary:
This position opening is for a full-time experienced consultant to assist with the workflow in the PSE office located in Minneapolis, MN. This individual will help maintain and grow PSE’s rate and financial planning practice in Minnesota and neighboring states and will be responsible for completing work for and supporting PSE clients.  

The following are essential responsibilities of this position and do not include marginal functions that are incidental to the performance of the fundamental job duties. The scope and duties of this position may change or be altered based on the business needs of the company. The basic requirement of every position is to perform all tasks as assigned by the supervisor.
It is intended that the individual’s work load will initially involve projects in the Midwest region, primarily for the electric distribution cooperatives (but may occasionally involve some rate work for generation and transmission cooperatives and/or vertically integrated utilities).  As the office acquires additional rate and financial work in other adjacent states, such projects may be added to this individual’s responsibilities. The individual will be required to complete analysis and must have strong technical expertise, as well as be willing to and capable of conducting projects such as to ensure on-time and on-budget work that meets or exceeds the project and client expectations.

Rate and Financial Consulting: Rate consulting generally includes the preparation of utility revenue requirement, class cost of service, and rate design studies.  Also included are various special projects related to contract rates, policy development and review, and financial forecasting/planning.

1. Participate in the completion of various utility rate and financial studies in a project team environment.
2. Manage and document progress on assigned tasks, deadlines and budgets for multiple projects simultaneously.
3. Prepare cost allocation studies used to assess and design utility rates.
4. Develop innovative rates and policies in consideration of: cost structures, price signals, distributed energy resources, net metering, value of solar, demand-side management, etc.
5. Review and audit financial and management policies for PSE clients.
6. Analyze, interpret, and report on client financial statements and performance.
7. Develop forecasts of costs and revenues using trend or regression analysis.
8. Assist clients in various policy related areas including financial, operational, rates, etc.
9. Conduct project meetings with clients either over the phone or in person.
10. Assist with or directly prepare and support expert witness testimony in regulatory filings.

Optional Regulatory Consulting: While the majority of the clients this individual would be expected to be working with are not rate regulated utilities, any expertise the individual may possess in the regulatory field would be beneficial:

1. Conducting work in a manner sufficient to be filed and supported before state/federal regulatory agencies.
2. Drafting and filing direct and rebuttal testimony on behalf of clients in support of rate application and related projects.
3. Managing project scopes, deadlines, and budgets to various client commitments and statutory schedules.
4. Directing and managing analysis completed by other PSE rate and financial analysts as needed.
5. Interacting effectively and with highest integrity with client attorneys.
6. Responding to discovery issued by Commission Staff and/or interveners.
7. Conducting review of Commission Staff and/or intervener testimony.
8. Preparing and issuing discovery upon Commission Staff and/or interveners.
9. Researching and becoming fluent in various Commission rules, regulations and State legislation pertaining to the regulation of electric utilities by State Commissions and/or other regulatory agencies as appropriate.
10. Identifying and participating in various regulatory or legislative activities in the interest of PSE clients as needed.

Marketing and Business Development
1. Help the Manager drive PSE’s business development amongst the electric utilities in Minnesota and adjacent states by performing some of the following:

  • Site visits to the electric distribution cooperatives to develop relationships with decision makers, introducing PSE’s service offerings and identifying potential project opportunities.
  • Developing relationship with the various statewide associations through participation in various workshops, meetings and events.
  • Sending out various marketing letters and emails and or making phone calls.

2. Participate in strategic planning activities and discussions as might be needed from time to time to identify PSE opportunities for growth, whether service offerings or geographic.
3. Attend various other industry meetings and events with the purpose of networking and establishing relationships with existing and potential PSE clients.

To be successful at performing the above defined tasks, it is essential the individual is effective at:

Managing and documenting progress on assigned tasks, deadlines and budgets for multiple projects simultaneously.
Gathering and processing substantial amounts of data in Microsoft Excel.
Scoping, completing, reviewing, and communicating complex analysis and concepts.
Developing strong working relationships within PSE and with PSE’s clients.
Possess the ability to work as a team, independently and on occasion remotely.


The following are minimum requirements of this position.
1. 5 years or more of relevant experience. 
2. A bachelor’s degree in business, economics, or mathematics strongly preferred.
3. A master’s degree in business is a plus. 
4. Possess strong organizational skills needed to participate in multiple project teams simultaneously while completing tasks on time, target, and budget.
5. Possess the ability and drive to produce excellent work, learn new concepts, develop skills, and be a strong team player.
6. Value client relationships.
7. Possess integrity, honesty, accountability and have strong moral principles.
8. Must have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word.
9. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of electric utility systems is strongly desired.
10. Demonstrated ability to develop innovative ideas and to communicate and implement such successfully.
11. Exhibit a strong desire and capability for initiating, developing and maintaining relationships with new clients in a new market.

 To apply, email your resume and cover letter by May 3, 2019.

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