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Company Description

  • Independent Power Systems (IPS) has been designing and installing premium solar+storage systems for residential and commercial customers in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Montana since 1996. Our team of highly skilled engineers, electricians, and installers is committed to innovation in energy resilience and sustainability as well as helping the community achieve energy independence, do right by the environment, and save money in the process. To date, IPS has installed thousands of grid-tied, off-grid, remote wind, and microgrid systems including several challenging international projects for large commercial clients and the military.

  • We take integrity very seriously and are not satisfied unless all our designs and installations are completed with long-term energy security and resilience in mind. Using the most powerful solar panels on the market and robust energy storage solutions, we provide high-quality, high-efficiency installations no matter the application.

  • We’re proud to be SunPower Elite Dealers, consistently achieving exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction and delivering superior solar technologies to our communities. Our designs and installations are done in-house by our engineers, licensed electricians, and certified installers, and each comes with their own industry-leading warranty as proof of our confidence in our services and products. 

  • We are active in our communities, with many of our employees volunteering their time and passions with local organizations and helping to advance renewable energy policies at nearly every level of government. When our founder and CEO, Tony Boniface, first started IPS in Bozeman Montana over 23 years ago, he was instrumental in educating the state utility on the virtues of solar energy and was ultimately awarded installation of the first grid-connected solar system in the state, as well as the country. Today, we are leaders in battery backup systems designed and installed to provide energy when it’s needed most.

Job Description

Job Title: Sales Manager                                                        


Reports To: General Manager & President




The Sales Manager oversees company-wide sales activity to make decisions and manage IPS personnel and communication (people & processes).  The level of professionalism expected of any IPS interaction with clients is ultimately the responsibility of the Sales Manager  (SM).



Specific responsibilities of the General Manager include but are not limited to:


1.)   Training                                                                                                                                   

a.)  New Employees

-       Develop, refine IPS sales training curriculum and protocol

-   Train all new hires from initial contact with lead site visit/ride-alongs design/proposal generation, closing, document handoff, final walkthrough

-       Orientate new hire on how sales interfaces with other depts. in IPS 

-       Salesforce/pipeline management training

b.)  Existing Employees

-       Communicate and train sales team on new product offerings

-       “                         “                “                “                “                new financing/leasing options.

-       “                         “                “                “                “                new IPS protocol/proposal tool/pricing

-       See that all of the above is actually implemented/offered proactively

c.)   Continuing Education and Professional development: Set & Manage

-       Budget for continuing ed for all sales reps

-       Budget /expectations for individuals to attend business development events

-       Research, offer, recommend new trainings/seminars/webinars to sales team


2.)   Goal Tracking, Performance Monitoring, Process Development, Accountability                                                                                 

a.)  Work directly with CFO & President to set/adjust revenue and profitability targets for team and for individuals

-     weekly individual meetings to track sales goals and salesforce tracking

-       Develop a system of coaching/support/action plan for underperforming

-       Regular feedback from Reps addressing tools/resources needed to meet goals

- Report directly to Management team via Mgrs meeting with updates on performance/projections/other issues.



3.)   Business Development                                                                                                                                  

a.)  Actively seeking/developing new ways to sell more, at better margins, and more efficiently

-       Develop new IPS forms/protocol/proposals/etc. to better systematize sales process

               -       Constant interface with reps in the field to determine what is/isn’t working

-       Constant interface with Marketing dept. “                        “                “                “                “

b.)  Pursuing strategic relationships

-       Hunting down lease/financing/new products to offer

-       Corporate alliances (SPR alliance program, Networking, etc..)

-       Trade alliances/product alliances/other symmetry (builders/contractors/EV retailers etc..)


4.)   Profitability and Quality Control                                                                                                           

a.)  Ultimately responsible for projected profitability/feasibility of all jobs sold from point of sale to pre-construction meeting.

-       Constant feedback from PMs on quality/profitability of jobs in install pipeline

b.)  Report directly to Operations to determine if jobs are meeting profitability goals

-       Regular as-built meetings

-       Regular interface with PMs

c.)   Report any necessary changes that the sales team must implement or issues the sales team must address


5.)  Work with & tag-team with Team Leader to define  and track roles & responsibilities including:

a.) representative at all trade shows and events that cannot be staffed or are understaffed

b.)  speaker/presenter events

c.)   defining & scheduling weekly sales meetings and sales trainings:

d)    Team support such as:

-       Ride alongs

-       Closer

-       Advisor, mentor, motivator

-       Damage Control, or available for the “I want to talk to your manager” clients

-       Other situations where “managerial” presence could be of value







Job Requirements and Qualifications

Education: BA / BS degree; completion of accredited renewable energy continuing education program and MBA program preferred


Experience: Business administration; human resources; contracting business a must and solar electric business experience a plus.