How Utilities Can Better Manage Grid Modernization

In this webinar, expert speakers from West Monroe Partners and Tucson Electric Power as they dive into how U.S. utilities are leveraging information technology to meet the demands of an increasingly flexible grid. We’ll discuss the role of IT/OT convergence in grid modernization, change management, bridging cultural divides and leveraging expertise within and outside of an organization. Plus, we’ll share key findings from a recent energy and utilities needs-assessment study, highlighting the priorities and concerns of 143 utility executives as they look to modernize in an environment of rapid technological development.

Watch the webinar to learn more about grid modernization and the efforts of U.S. utilities to enable an increasingly diverse resource mix and drive value through the convergence of informational and operational technologies.

We cover:

  • The data-enabled grid: understanding grid modernization, data systems, and IT/OT convergence
  • Current state of grid digitalization
  • Challenges to IT/OT convergence: cybersecurity, diverging management perspectives and sourcing of expertise and technology
  • Change Management: a discussion of convergence solutions


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