VyprVPN for Windows is Updated to Version 2.13.1 to Improve Your Internet Privacy

August 07, 2018

Have you ever gone abroad on vacation and wanted to watch the latest show on Netflix or Amazon Prime only to be greeted with a message along the lines of `this content is not available in your country`? Or, perhaps, you often work on the move, casually logging into unsecured public wireless networks in cafes and on public transport, yet you know that`s just bad news for security. Fortunately, Golden Frog presents a solution to both predicaments - VyprVPN for Windows lets you connect to the web safely and enjoy complete anonymity.

Because all outgoing traffic is encrypted, you no longer have to worry about wireless snoopers listening in on the connection between your device and the local router. They`ll be unable to make sense of it, since it will be encrypted per the rigid standards of the AES protocol. This means you`ll be able to connect to the web through any network, including unsecured ones that use default settings. Further boosting security, VyprVPN for Windows comes with an automatic kill switch that can block any outgoing traffic if it detects that the VPN is disabled.

VyprVPN for Windows provides fast server selection from over 70 servers around the world. It also comes with Chameleon VPN technology to defeat attempts to block connections coming from VPN servers. Now you can truly enjoy the web while you`re abroad without having censorship laws and other annoyances getting in the way of your experience! Learn more the program at https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/windows. Here you`ll also find some patch notes detailing recent bug fixes and new features, such as increased performance and faster connection times.