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Note from the editor

Utilities and other power sector players are implementing digital solutions for a range of objectives — from enhancing system operations to improving customer service and integrating more renewables and distributed energy resources.

The New York Power Authority has been at the forefront of the sector’s digitization efforts and leads off our review of the trend.

But how are other companies implementing and leveraging digital technologies and what challenges do they face? Read below to learn more.

Larry Pearl Senior Editor

How a public power utility forges the path to a digital future

The "shift of any utility, and especially NYPA, from a traditional utility to a digital utility, is shifting the mindset of folks who have been here many years," said CIO Robert Piascik.

New control technologies lower microgrid costs, ease renewables integration

Utility customer service offerings get digital upgrades

Bidgely and Oracle unveiled analytics tools designed to help utilities bring the customer experience into the era of big data.

From EV integration to wildfire prevention, utilities accelerate AI use to drive efficiencies, profits

Billions of internet-connected devices interact with the power grid right now, and experts say utilities will need smarter solutions.

PG&E may answer the billion dollar grid modernization question

A step-by-step regulatory process in California confronts the technical challenges and "obscene expenses" of distributed resource investments.

As utilities scramble to manage explosive DER growth, is power grid autonomy a solution?

The U.S. electric grid could face hundreds of millions of distributed resource deployments in the near future. But optimizing these data points may exceed human ability.

Can new transmission tech boost capacity and save billions? Two proposals aim to find out

Advocates are pushing a "shared savings" approach to incentivize deployment, but system operators have doubts.

As Dominion, others target 80-year nuclear plants, cybersecurity concerns complicate digital upgrades

How does AI improve grid performance? No one fully understands and that's limiting its use

"For 75% of what utilities are doing, outside of maybe forecasting or managing capacity, AI is at the infancy stage and there is no real use case."

Ex-Tesla exec wants to increase utility control of DERs, and has a smart panel to do it

The new electric panel combines smart metering capabilities with remote control of energy use in residences, while easing installation of solar, energy storage and EV chargers.