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Distributed Energy Resource Growth

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Note from the editor

Distributed energy resources, including rooftop solar, battery storage and electric vehicles, are experiencing significant growth in the U.S. as the power sector evolves to a cleaner, less centralized future.

That growth is expected to provide enough cumulative capacity by the early 2020s to flatten power sector peak demand, according to GTM Research.

It also presents tremendous opportunities for utilities if they can act quickly, a recent Boston Consulting Group report found.

But what's propelling the rise of distributed resources and what are the obstacles to more growth?

This trendline examines the experiences of various utilities, vendors, states and grid operators to provide a comprehensive picture of a burgeoning field at the heart of the energy transition.

Larry Pearl Senior Editor

Winning in a more distributed energy world: 3 steps to utility success

A billion-dollar retail opportunity awaits utilities that turn reluctant customers into partners.

Utility buy of DER providers: A perfect match or a problematic combination?

For utilities, it may be buy-in or be disrupted. But DER providers and their customers need an up side.

Massachusetts' multipronged policy approach spurs distributed energy storage

Sunrun has credited the state's bedrock of distributed energy policies for enabling its participation in ISO-NE's capacity market with an aggregated solar-plus-storage bid.

New Hampshire settlement moves 'cutting-edge' utility BTM storage pilot forward

The Liberty-led pilot will be the second regulator approved program for utility-owned behind-the-meter storage, and phase 2 will be the first to include the private sector.

As US solar expands, states increasingly tackle compensation and community project complexities

Years of debate by "nerds in beige rooms" has led to today's booming solar market, but solar policy is becoming even more complicated.

As solar-plus-storage surges, can smart devices help overcome deployment barriers?

As utilities move to reap the benefits of solar-plus-storage, manufacturing and interconnection barriers threaten to impede growth.

Utilities, charger vendors find interconnection best practices to propel EV growth

Collaboration and transparency pioneered in solar interconnections can fast-start delayed transportation electrification ambitions

PG&E, SCE, SDG&E pursue subscriptions, time-of-use rates to drive more California EVs

As California regulators call for a more formal transportation electrification framework, the state's utilities are stepping up with pilot programs that address peak demand and rate concerns.

Green Mountain Power pilots Tesla batteries as meters

New control technologies lower microgrid costs, ease renewables integration