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Wholesale Markets


Note from the editor

Wholesale market operators around the country are facing a host of challenges, from ensuring adequate capacity and avoiding blackouts to determining the best ways to integrate and dispatch an evolving mix of resources.

The Northwest Power Pool recently hired the Southwest Power Pool as it explores a formal program for sharing resources across state borders and avoiding power outages like the ones that have affected California.

The New York ISO and other operators are also assessing how to better integrate distributed energy resources in capacity markets, which may require a rethink of resource adequacy.

These and other wholesale market developments are explored in-depth in the stories below.

Larry Pearl Senior Editor

Maryland, Illinois may pursue legislative MOPR exit, despite new FERC nearing

"We wish that a new FERC could just simply wave its wand and get rid of the MOPR," said Illinois' consumer advocate. "We can't wait for a new FERC to solve the mess that the previous FERC created."

MOPR reconsidered: Competitive generators move away from FERC's PJM order, toward carbon pricing

Though competitive suppliers initiated the complaint that led to the MOPR expansion, they are now pivoting toward more markets-based mechanisms, in response to state threats to exit the markets.

FERC reversal on electric co-op exit fee jurisdiction could have broader rate implications, analysts say

Federal regulators' determination that exit fees are a part of wholesale rates could impact future cases.

Pacific Northwest looks to avoid California-style blackouts through more regional coordination

Climate change, load growth and the replacement of fossil fuels with renewables is pushing the region to take big steps toward a new model.

Ensuring DER inclusion in capacity markets may require a rethink of resource adequacy

The growth of customer-owned resources is forcing system operators and aggregators to see their value as reliability tools and rethink the concept of resource adequacy.

The 3 key challenges to expanding the West's real-time energy market to day-ahead trading

Customer savings and streamlined emissions cuts can come from the Buffett-backed west-wide market plan

'Simple' or a 'Band-Aid'? ISO-NE leans toward Eversource/National Grid $49M solution for Mystic plant replacement

New England's grid operator chose the lowest-cost proposal, but one developer says that doesn't make it the most effective or efficient.

NYC storage 'most adversely impacted' by FERC orders: NYISO CEO

FERC's backlog of rehearing requests and the legal 'purgatory' of opposition to the PJM MOPR order

Language in the Federal Power Act prevents stakeholders from litigating a FERC order until regulators rule on rehearing requests, a decision that can face lengthy delays.

84 GW US renewables+storage pipeline has developers anxious for market integration rules

Regulators uncertain of the best way to address hybrid complexity prepare to take it on