4 Steps to Selecting Your Future Customer Platform (And Why You Need It Today)


There’s no getting around it. Your utility’s traditional business model has to change. With the rise of distributed energy resources, net-metering policies, stagnant demand and growing energy efficiency requirements, the traditional model must step aside and make room for a new, innovative, integrated customer platform. It’s not too late to plan ahead.  


Oracle Utilities and Dive Brand Studio have teamed up to present a revealing playbook that will help. Download our latest playbook today to tap into the experts as they dive into:


·       How Consumer Demands are Pushing Technology to the Next Level

·       Key Consumer Trends to Consider

·       Data: Where Customers and Your Tech Meet

·       4 Steps to Your New Customer Platform

        o   The Cloud Reigns

        o   An Angle on Analytics

        o   A Worthy, Worldly Customer Experience

        o   To Innovate, Automate