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There’s no getting around it. Your utility’s traditional business model has to change. With the rise of distributed energy resources, net-metering policies, stagnant demand and growing energy efficiency requirements, the traditional model must step aside and make room for a new, innovative, integrated customer platform. It’s not too late to plan ahead.  


Oracle Utilities and Dive Brand Studio have teamed up to present a revealing playbook that will help. Download our latest playbook today to tap into the experts as they dive into:


·       How Consumer Demands are Pushing Technology to the Next Level

·       Key Consumer Trends to Consider

·       Data: Where Customers and Your Tech Meet

·       4 Steps to Your New Customer Platform

        o   The Cloud Reigns

        o   An Angle on Analytics

        o   A Worthy, Worldly Customer Experience

        o   To Innovate, Automate