Building & Transportation Electrification

  • The left front of a green bus on a street is marked as "Electric Bus."
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    Scharfsinn86 via Getty Images

    Transit agencies’ zero-emission bus adoption increased in 2022

    California, New York, Florida, Texas and Massachusetts together added more than 1,500 zero-emission transit buses to their fleets.

    By Dan Zukowski • Feb. 3, 2023
  • Several electric vehicles are parked in a garage under a sign that reads "Vehicle-to-grid (V2G"
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    Permission granted by Revel

    Vehicle-to-grid charging is coming fast — here’s how regulators and utilities can prepare now

    If utilities do not start planning now, in a few years we will have millions of EVs on the road that are not being used to their full potential as a source of energy storage.

    By Laura Sherman • Feb. 2, 2023
  • Electricity from solar panels, dams, and wind turbines. Environmentally-friendly renewable energy concept. Explore the Trendline
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    bombermoon via Getty Images

    The Utility Dive Outlook on 2023

    2023 promises to be another busy year for the U.S. energy transition as stakeholders move to implement new clean energy measures while tackling growing security, reliability, equity and affordability challenges.

    By Utility Dive staff
  • ChargePoint, Stem strike EV charging and battery storage deal for highway corridor fast-charging networks

    Combining charging, battery storage and AI-driven energy management will save money for EV site operators, the companies say.

    By Feb. 1, 2023
  • A close-up angular view of a government building in Washington, D.C. with a sign reading "United States Environmental ProtectionAgency"
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    Skyhobo via Getty Images

    EV transition not keeping pace with US climate goals: report

    Gas-powered cars need tighter regulations for the U.S. to meet its 2030 emissions target, while not enough urban charging or utility upgrades could constrain electrification, one report author said.

    By Dan Zukowski • Feb. 1, 2023
  • (for Utility Dive storage series)
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    Adeline Kon/Utility Dive
    Deep Dive

    ‘No regrets’ approach to big batteries, green hydrogen and grid reliability urgently needed, analysts say

    Advanced batteries and green hydrogen promise long-duration energy storage solutions for “net zero” system reliability, but only regulatory policy and market support can fulfill that promise, industry stakeholders say.

    By Jan. 31, 2023
  • TravelCenters of America
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    Retrieved from TA press release.

    TravelCenters of America to deploy 1,000 EV charging ports by 2028

    The stations will appear at more than 200 locations and will be run by manufacturer Electrify America. 

    By Brett Dworski • Jan. 31, 2023
  • Close-up of an electric car battery in a factory on the assembly line.
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    Aranga87 via Getty Images

    A responsible supply chain and circular economy for batteries will be critical for EVs and electric utilities

    Whether it’s advanced batteries for EVs or for energy storage to meet peak grid demand, foreign pressures on strategic resources and the global supply chain are directly at odds with our domestic energy policies and ambitions.

    By Steve Christensen • Jan. 31, 2023
  • A rendering of the Rhyolite Ridge lithium-boron project in Esmeralda, Nevada.
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    Courtesy of Ioneer Ltd.

    How one company is hoping to build a major lithium production site in Nevada

    With a $700 million loan commitment from the Department of Energy, Ioneer hopes to launch a site that could produce enough lithium to support 370,000 EVs annually.

    By Sara Samora • Jan. 27, 2023
  • A building with a wooden exterior.
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    IGphotography via Getty Images

    How green building policy could evolve in 2023

    After reducing energy use in buildings, cutting embodied carbon is next on the green policy agenda for state and local leaders, potentially prompting a shift from concrete and steel to materials like timber or straw, experts say.

    By Adina Solomon • Jan. 27, 2023
  • EV charging
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    EVs are more popular than ever. They’re also extremely prone to cyberattacks.

    If action is not taken to uniformly protect electric vehicles and charging infrastructure from cyber threats, the mobile exoskeleton of the U.S. could be targeted.

    By Shahid Mahdi • Jan. 27, 2023
  • Looking upward at skyscrapers.
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    aiisha5 via Getty Images

    Number of grid-interactive buildings worldwide expected to grow almost 13% annually: Guidehouse

    Growth of grid-interactive buildings will vary regionally, with North America lagging installations elsewhere, according to Guidehouse.

    By Jan. 25, 2023
  • Electrical power grid and power line towers at sunset.
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    YinYang via Getty Images

    2023 US Power Sector Outlook

    2023 promises to be another busy year for the U.S. energy transition as stakeholders move to implement new clean energy measures while tackling growing security, reliability, equity and affordability challenges.

    By The Utility Dive Team • Jan. 25, 2023
  • EV charging
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    Minnesota electric vehicle legislation would allow Xcel Energy to corner charging market, retailers warn

    Xcel Energy supports HF413 and says the bill will “establish a strong foundation for utility support for transportation electrification that will serve Minnesota well.”

    By Jan. 25, 2023
  • Aerial shot of a housing development in Northern California.
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    Jaskaran Kooner via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    3 big advances coming as distributed energy resources take newer, bigger roles in 2023

    Analysts foresee DER growth in 2023 at the wholesale market and retail distribution system levels as communities and local leaders demand more reliability and resilience.

    By Jan. 23, 2023
  • Meijer Freightliner eCascadia
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    Provided by Meijer 

    NARUC digs into commercial EV charging rates as federal government requires states to review offers

    Commercial EV rates should offer savings over traditional vehicle fuels and help manage the grid efficiently, NARUC said.

    By Jan. 20, 2023
  • Trucks are parked along a highway.
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    ianmcdonnell via Getty Images

    Small modular reactors could hold key to electrifying heavy transport: Michigan study

    Distributed energy resources can help affordably reduce emissions associated with heavy-duty vehicles, relative to building traditional grid infrastructure.

    By Jan. 18, 2023
  • EV charging
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    Mario Tama via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    Electric vehicles near ‘tipping point’ in 2023, but tax credit questions, utility interconnection challenges lie ahead

    Key factors for EV adoption this year include the implementation of federal incentives, development of a national charging network and addressing utility interconnection delays.

    By Jan. 18, 2023
  • Xe-100 reactor
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    Courtesy of X-energy

    2023 Outlook: US power sector trends to watch

    Federal, state and corporate actions are boosting clean energy in the U.S., but supply chain and economic challenges persist while grid reliability and security concerns are growing.

    By The Utility Dive Team • Jan. 13, 2023
  • Woman in glasses sitting in front of "Made in America" backdrop
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    Drew Angerer via Getty Images

    DOT, DOE secretaries tout agency cooperation under decarbonization blueprint

    Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laid out the impact of new federal dollars and policies in the shift to EVs, while another federal official urged caution.

    By Danielle McLean • Jan. 12, 2023
  • An EV charging station in an office building parking lot.
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    CHUYN/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    Michigan chief mobility officer: ‘States need to write the playbook’ on EV charging

    States could ease the EV charging rollout by helping local governments update regulations and institute best practices, panelists said at the CES trade show in Las Vegas last week.

    By Michael Brady • Jan. 11, 2023
  • Opinion

    Transportation electrification and EVs: Who pays for grid upgrades?

    As more utilities file detailed transportation electrification plans, modifications to service upgrade policies will become essential to avoid financial and inequitable EV adoption roadblocks.

    By Michael Hartnack and Jesse Hitchcock • Jan. 11, 2023
  • A row of Revel electric vehicle chargers pictured with one vehicle.
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    Courtesy of Revel

    Revel to expand EV fast chargers across NYC

    After building a “superhub” in Brooklyn, the electric mobility company is planning more across other boroughs, a move it hopes will greatly expand the city’s capacity for accessible fast charging.

    By Maria Rachal • Jan. 10, 2023
  • A photo of parking spaces reserved for EV charging
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    EV Charging Stations. (2018). [Photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.

    Federal agencies share ‘blueprint’ for transportation decarbonization

    The blueprint lays out strategies for cutting all greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, which currently accounts for a third of all domestic GHG emissions, by 2050.

    By Maria Rachal • Jan. 10, 2023
  • A row of electric vehicle chargers in a parking lot.
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    Aranga87/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

    The hidden barrier to V2X: How states and utilities can open the floodgates for bidirectional EV charging

    Avoid reinventing the wheel, minimize unnecessary review, and provide flexible service connection and interconnection options.

    By Ed Burgess and Dan Bowerson • Dec. 22, 2022
  • Mitt Romney stands at a podium
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    Tasos Katopodis via Getty Images

    Senate passes bill to increase EV battery recycling as part of defense budget

    Provisions from the Strategic EV Management Act, a bill from Sen. Mitt Romney intended to enhance recycling for end-of-life batteries used in federal fleet vehicles, could be signed into law soon.

    By Megan Quinn • Dec. 21, 2022