Distributed Energy

  • An airplane flies over a rooftop with a solar array in Los Angeles, California
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    Los Angeles public-private partnership aims to advance industrial solar

    The decade-old Feed-in Tariff program pays property owners for solar energy, but long grid interconnection queues and lingering “mistrust” hinder adoption, a business group leader notes.

    By Brian Martucci • Feb. 15, 2024
  • NAESB to develop standardized distribution services contract to facilitate DER aggregation

    The work, undertaken at the request of the U.S. Department of Energy, will help facilitate the deployment of virtual power plants.

    By Feb. 6, 2024
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    Distributed Energy Resource Growth

    Distributed energy resources, including rooftop solar, battery storage and electric vehicles, are experiencing significant growth in the U.S. as the power sector evolves to a cleaner, less centralized future.

    By Utility Dive staff
  • As part of a maintenance check, a service engineer inspects the solar cell on a building roof for a damaged part.
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    FEMA to help communities pay for net-zero energy projects post-disaster

    Communities can now leverage the agency’s grant programs to install solar microgrids, heat pumps and passive cooling when rebuilding schools, hospitals, fire stations and other infrastructure in a disaster’s wake.

    By Ysabelle Kempe • Feb. 2, 2024
  • Electricity from solar panels, dams, and wind turbines. Environmentally-friendly renewable energy concept.
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    2024 US power sector outlook

    The U.S. clean energy transition is expected to accelerate in 2024 but faces question around transmission, financing, federal elections and other issues.

    By Utility Dive staff • Jan. 31, 2024
  • Aerial images of solar panels on a home in Southern California.
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    Duke Energy pilot could open door to VPPs at vertically integrated utilities, SELC attorney says

    A pilot program set to open this summer will offer incentives for customers to install rooftop solar and storage — and turn control of the batteries over to Duke Energy.

    By Emma Penrod • Jan. 29, 2024
  • Solar panels and wind turbines in a field
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    Deep Dive

    New solutions emerge to better integrate renewables into the grid, Xcel, Eversource and others say

    Requiring the 400+ GW of battery capacity in U.S. interconnection queues to have grid-forming capabilities could enable variable renewables growth “cheaper and faster than adding new transmission,” one expert said.

    By Jan. 25, 2024
  • Southern California brush fire near houses
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    How distribution circuit coverings protect against wildfires

    Necessary investments to prevent grid-ignited wildfires are not keeping pace with the rising risk.

    Jan. 22, 2024
  • A technician connects cable on a solar rooftop array.
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    Enough with disinformation about community solar compensation

    Whether for systems on single-family homes and multiunit buildings or in community settings, excessive compensation creates a significant economic burden for the very customers who can least afford it.

    By Michael Backstrom • Jan. 18, 2024
  • Renewable energy solar panels and wind turbine in the background
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    Permission granted by Octopus Energy Renewables
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    DOE offers $30M to improve cybersecurity for virtual power plants, distributed resources, cloud solutions

    The funds will help ensure “the next-generation clean energy infrastructure is built with cybersecurity in mind,” said Puesh Kumar, head of DOE’s Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response.

    By Jan. 18, 2024
  • Workers installing solar panels on a house.
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    SRP’s residential rooftop solar program violates PURPA, Vote Solar tells FERC

    Federal regulators should launch an enforcement action over Salt River Project’s allegedly discriminatory solar rates, according to Vote Solar and two SRP customers.

    By Jan. 16, 2024
  • Solar panels and wind turbines generating renewable energy for green and sustainable future.
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    9 US power sector trends to watch in 2024

    The U.S. march toward a decarbonized electric system will continue in 2024 as policymakers and others work to balance, climate, reliability, affordability and other goals.

    By Robert Walton, Ethan Howland, Diana DiGangi, Larry Pearl, Kavya Balaraman and Emma Penrod • Jan. 10, 2024
  • Rooftop solar panels at the Soleil Lofts apartment complex in Herriman, Utah
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    Permission granted by sonnen, Inc.
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    California rooftop solar had a tough year following NEM 3.0. Can the industry bounce back?

    NEM 3.0 and broader economic headwinds pose challenges to the industry. But looking ahead, high retail electricity rates could still push customers to install rooftop solar.

    By Jan. 2, 2024
  • A hospital covered in solar panels.
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    Microgrids can drive resiliency, efficiency and profitability: JLL

    As climate change risks and energy use accelerate, these systems can advance sustainability and electrification efforts, a recent report says.

    By Joe Burns • Dec. 19, 2023
  • The Statue of Liberty stands in the foreground as Lower Manhattan is viewed at dusk, September 8, 2016 in New York City
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    NYC removes zoning restrictions for rooftop solar, energy storage and electrification equipment

    The "City of Yes" initiative, which took effect Dec. 11, is expected to help facilitate environmentally friendly retrofits for over 50,000 buildings.

    By Joe Burns • Dec. 12, 2023
  • Solar panel arrays form a canopy as part of a microgrid at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., March 12, 2013.
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    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.
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    Hawaii, 3 other states earn B microgrid grades. Most get Ds, per scorecard report.

    With distributed resources flourishing, “there's a huge risk that we're leaving a lot of value on the table” by failing to coordinate them with microgrids, said Cameron Brooks, Think Microgrid executive director.

    By Dec. 6, 2023
  • Connecticut State Capitol
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    Deep Dive

    Eversource wary about attracting investor capital as Connecticut moves to forefront of PBR trend

    Connecticut utilities’ credit and financials will remain stable or improve when performance-based regulation is fully implemented, just as they did for Hawaiian Electric, said the state’s chief utility regulator.

    By Dec. 5, 2023
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    How to empower multiple utility teams with one DERMS

    Learn three things to look for in a DERMS to deliver value across utility teams and objectives.

    Dec. 4, 2023
  • The use of renewable energy from nature and technology related to conservation of nature, beautiful mountain view
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    Colorado regulators want to move quickly on Xcel virtual power plant

    The utility, however, has cautioned that a proposed timeline may be too aggressive for the complicated project.

    By Nov. 22, 2023
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    The Wasatch Group
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    7 lessons for Rocky Mountain Power and its partners from virtual power plant pioneer Soleil Lofts

    The apartment complex in Herriman, Utah — a collaboration among Rocky Mountain Power, sonnen and the Wasatch Energy Group — is powered by 5 MW of solar panels and has a battery in each of its 600 units.

    By Patrick Cooley • Nov. 15, 2023
  • Texas oil and gas field
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    Texas voters approve $10B energy fund, with most going to build gas-fired power plants

    The fund will be administered by the Public Utility Commission of Texas, with $7.2 billion allocated for new construction or upgrades of dispatchable power generation. 

    By Nov. 8, 2023
  • An adult and a child looking at a field with wind turbines
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    Deep Dive

    Duke, others leverage new IRA rules to finance clean energy, but cost, complexity are hurdles

    New tax credit provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act could more than triple the $20 billion annual tax equity market that today finances clean energy in the U.S., if various challenges can be overcome.

    By Nov. 6, 2023
  • A facade of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency signage on the wall of its building
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    IRA-driven electrification, other steps could cut building GHG emissions up to 70%: EPA

    Inflation Reduction Act incentives could reduce building greenhouse gas emissions through 2035 more than emissions in any other end-use sector, according to a recent EPA report.

    By Nish Amarnath • Oct. 31, 2023
  • An artificial intelligence processor unit
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    AI is enhancing electric grids, but surging energy use and security risks are key concerns

    The power demands of artificial intelligence could grow almost fivefold by 2028, said Sreedhar Sistu, vice president of artificial intelligence offers for Schneider Electric.

    By Oct. 23, 2023
  • Wind farm and electricity pylons in the desert of Coachella Valley, California.
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    Phil Augustavo via Getty Images
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    Failing to expand the grid may be biggest threat to US energy transition: National Academies

    A panel of experts urged FERC to “expeditiously” issue its pending transmission planning and cost allocation reforms and to make sure wholesale power markets can support a shift to 100% clean energy.

    By Oct. 19, 2023
  • Electric grid lines
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    DOE announces ‘largest-ever investment in America’s grid,’ giving $3.5B across 44 states

    The first round of funding under the Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships program will boost U.S. renewable capacity by more than 10% within this decade, said DOE officials.

    By Oct. 19, 2023