Supporting Safety in the Field with Technology

With the risk of miscommunication from illegible handwriting or the inaccuracy of manual data entry, safety workflows in paper form can cause myriad inefficiencies. And when it comes to safety in the field, those inefficiencies can translate into injuries and diminished productivity. Could technology be the answer?

In this webinar, we discuss how introducing technology in the field can lead to a more efficient and better quality of service. Industry experts will lead an informative discussion about how to positively affect worksite safety with digital workflows that not only mitigate faults but can be designed to preemptively alert teams when accidents may happen.

This webinar will address:

  • Why investing in multiple solutions will produce greater ROI
  • How building IoT into scheduling and work order management grows success
  • How energy providers implement analytics workflows
  • The role that mobile data collection plays in supporting rich analytics
  • How rich data can support an efficient management routine