The State of Physical Grid Security 2015 [Report]

Aging infrastructure, natural disasters, and coordinated attacks on key substations are just some of the worries facing utilities today. In response to concerns surrounding the physical security of the utilities grid, NERC released and revised Critical Infrastructure Protection-14 (CIP-014) regulations with the goal of identifying and strengthening weaknesses in key substations. But as physical security strategies change with the onset of new technologies and developments within the industry, many are wondering: How are utilities securing their highest-risk critical assets?

Utility Dive, in partnership with ABB, surveyed 200 utility executives to uncover what utilities have done in response to NERC CIP-014 and the obstacles they face to improving physical security.

In this free report, Utility Dive takes an in-depth look at these survey results, as well as insights on the future of physical security for the grid.