Varasset enterprise work and asset management software improves operations for mid-sized New England electric utility

Posted Jul 23, 2020

Varasset enterprise work and asset management software improves operations for mid-sized New England electric utility

(7/23/2020) – Vancouver, WA - A New England investor-owned energy services company and electric utility, successfully deployed Varasset’s work and asset management software. Varasset now supports the planning and management of their transmission and distribution (T&D) operations.


Varasset’s configurable architecture enables utilities to precisely support all their day-to-day T&D activities. Capital and maintenance projects are supported from start to finish, with project planning, job design, estimating, scheduling, financial reconciliation and close-out.


The Varasset roll-out was on time, on budget, and had minimal complications. The utility’s senior engineering manager said, “Varasset has greatly enhanced our ability to work as a single, unified T&D Team. Having T&D’s operations managed from a single application is helping our teams to manage work in an all-inclusive, holistic manner. Our distribution designers, operations supervisors, finance, customer care, and field workforce are now working in a single, shared system to develop customer estimates and manage work orders, putting everyone on the same page. It’s eliminated a lot of redundant folders and desktop apps, so that everyone is working with the same information through Varasset. As a manager responsible for leading and managing operations across the state, I can see exactly what’s going on without having to move between other apps, systems, etc. And, it’s also true for everyone else as estimates, easements, work orders, etc. are all in the same place.”


Designed to integrate, Varasset interfaces with ten of the utility’s other key software applications, including Customer Care and Billing, GIS, Financials and the crews’ mobile work application.


With Varasset, users create projects and convert their designs into estimates with the click of a button. Distribution designers produce estimates in half the time and the new system helps ensure that field crews get the necessary materials to complete the job. Once a job is ready, project scheduling is managed in Varasset’s visual, drag-and-drop scheduler, providing managers with an accurate view of everyone’s projects and schedules. Varasset’s compatible units, estimating and inventory functions ensure the necessary materials are available for a job, and track inventory usage while preventing inventory loss.


Permit management now occurs smoothly through Varasset and permit applications are now automatically generated by the system. Varasset’s built-in validation ensures that all the required permits are gathered at the start of a project. Automated notifications are generated by the software to enforce permitting dependencies, saving money and reducing idle time.