Solar One Launches Two Solar + Storage Opportunities for NYC Market

Posted Jul 31, 2020

Solar One's Resilient Solar Program is currently accepting bids from vendors interested in providing resilience during power outages, generating clean energy, and building lasting value on capital assets. Contact us to learn more about how you can participate in these projects.

The first opportunity is an RFP for a batch of three grant-funded CDBG-DR resilient solar projects in Brooklyn. All three buildings will receive solar installations, two of which will be paired with 140 kWh energy storage systems. Each site has been thoroughly vetted by Solar One for implementation feasibility, and will be ready to proceed immediately with EPC services upon contract award. Thanks to this extensive pre-development, grant funding, and Solar One’s continued support, these projects are uniquely well-positioned to succeed in NYC. The deadline to respond to this RFP is Monday, August 17, 2020.

The second opportunity is an RFP for a solar + storage system at a 21-story Manhattan co-op. This project, featuring over 84 kW of PV and up to 1,600 kWh of energy storage, will serve as a clean, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to a diesel generator. Solar One has conducted detailed onsite assessments to confirm the viability of an installation at the building. This project is suited for developers looking for a larger scale storage project. The deadline to respond to this RFP is Friday, August 28, 2020. 

To date, Solar One has awarded eight solar + storage projects for community non-profits in Brooklyn and the Bronx. These projects will provide back-up power for their constituents during blackouts, while generating solar savings year-round. Read more about these projects here.

The Solar One team followed a rigorous pre-development process that investigated existing building systems and their viability in retrofitting technology, evaluated building structures for ideal and permissible equipment siting, and reviewed energy expenditures to identify value generation opportunities. These analyses culminated in concept designs that can be built in the current NYC regulatory environment. The concept designs are included in Solar One’s RFPs to help developers provide engineering, procurement, and construction services for the solar + storage projects cultivated by Solar One. 

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About Solar One:

Solar One is an environmental nonprofit that empowers New Yorkers to help solve our most pressing environmental challenges through its diverse programs, including K-12 environmental education, green workforce training, and the Here Comes Solar program. Here Comes Solar provides technical assistance to building owners, affordable housing providers, and community groups to advance solar + storage projects. Since 2014, Solar One has facilitated more than 300 successful solar installations in NYC’s under-served markets. Learn more at and HereComesSolar.NYC.