TMG and SEW Present the September Digital Utility Spotlight Webinar–Orchestration of Cx

September 15, 2020

Austin, TX — Utilities are invited to attend the September Digital Utility Spotlight on The Orchestration of Cx: From Philosophy to Reality; we have seen ‘Kaizen’ aka Continuous Improvement becoming the norm, across businesses

Among all the conversations around how businesses respond to the sudden avalanche of challenges, one that has stood out prominently is how businesses need to act on this unique opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers. And for one thing, what we experienced the past few months, has highlighted the importance of digital self-service channels, which in some cases took shape of, accelerated the deployment of new channels or improvement of existing ones. The bottom line, it forced a rethinking of what customer care means.

In this current ‘Reopening’ phase, utilities are managing the uncertainty but now they have the lessons and experience of agile innovation; of how leading with digital self-service can reduce their cost to serve; of how keeping a real-time pulse on changing customer preferences and rapidly innovating is critical to business resilience.

Case in point, with contact center agents, transitioned to the work-from-home model, customers sometimes face long phone queues- a red flag in service delivery but a green signal in the search of new alternative-fast modes of engagement. Here’s where platforms such as Smart Customer Mobile (SCM) by Smart Energy Water, powered by advanced AI/ML analytics, provide a robust alternative to utilities and their customers.

Customer experience has taken on a new definition and dimension. For utilities, this means a fresh emphasis on digital channels, customer self-service, and proactive communication.

In this webinar, Smart Energy Water and Liberty Utilities will discuss some of the key considerations taken by Utilities while formulating a strategy for its ‘Self-Service’ initiative. Hear leaders from Liberty Utilities and SEW on their experience and development of an optimal implementation plan to build a sustainable self-service portal and the customer response towards this initiative.

Register as a utility for this exclusive digital series on Friday, September 25, 2020, at 3 PM EST.


About the Digital Utility Collaborative

As part of the Digital Utility Collaborative, TMG has launched a series of online interactive sessions keying on a central theme of  “Bringing the Digital Utility to Life.” The digital series explores strategic topics central to many utilities’ digital roadmaps, along with solution and vendor spotlights highlighting recent innovations and practical examples from recent project successes. Featured in the series will be topics such as democratizing customer data and insights, advanced analytics, enabling AI (artificial intelligence), personalization platforms, and innovations in billing and rates.

The Digital Utility Collaborative is led by a team of industry experts bringing decades of experience in digital innovation, research, and benchmarking across all facets of operations including Customer Operations, Marketing, Energy Efficiency, Infrastructure and Asset Management, Field Services, Metering, and Back Office Operations.