PVpallet, a New Way to Handle Solar Modules

Posted Oct 16, 2020

PVpallet Team is proud to introduce a new innovation to the solar Industry.  We are going to be producing the first to market renewable, collapsible, sturdy, pallet system for solar modules.  This technology will provide benefits to everyone throughout the industry handling solar modules.  Partial load management, 60 or 72 cell module capabilities, and 4 pallet high stacking, are just a few of the added benefits of this new product.  We plan on making a lasting impact for the solar industry as whole for years to come.  If you have ever handled the solar modules wood pallets you will quickly see the added benefits of the PVpallet design.  No longer will you need to stress over all the broken modules in your warehouse or if micro-cracking is hindering your production.  This allows the ultimate solar module transportation management and protection that any solar expert will come to love. 

As we launch, we are seeking investment to overcome the final financial hurdles to make our product a reality for the world in 2021.  We are also seeking help to incorporate the PVpallet cycle program into the industry.  Please contact us to visit about all the added financial benefits of the PVpallet over the standard wood pallet.