Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) and Clean Water Services (CWS) undertake their digital transformation with Open Smartflex

December 02, 2020
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December 2020. Open International, a specialized software provider for utility companies, is pleased to announce that it has finalized an agreement with Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) and Clean Water Services (CWS) to improve the customer experience, modernize operations, and deliver enhanced services. With Open Smartflex, TVWD and CWS are looking forward to strengthening its customer service platform with a flexible, robust, and rules-based CIS solution, designed to keep pace with the industry's rapidly changing trends.

Open Smartflex combines the benefits of a Customer Information System (CIS), a Customer Self Service Portal (CSS), a Meter Data Management (MDM), and a Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) all on a single holistic platform. For this project, TVWD and CWS will be implementing the CIS and CSS to provide greater support to the utilities’ traditional water, sewer, and stormwater services while delivering new tools and processes to create a unique and best-in-class customer experience, comply with regulations, and have continuous non-disruptive updates with the most current product functionality.

With Open Smartflex as a service (SaaS), these public utilities will have the ability to focus on mission-critical processes that generate value and deliver exceptional customer experience, while relying on Open International to take care of all tasks related to the maintenance and administration of software and infrastructure and network security.  

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Open, TVWD, and CWS will implement this new project with an agile, robust and proven implementation methodology which considers remote activities, leverages communication between the members of the project team, and following physical distancing protocols.

“I am pleased to announce this agreement with Tualatin Valley Water District and Clean Water Services, two utility organizations in the United States who are known for their innovation and forward thinking. We are confident that our solution will empower both agencies to optimize their business processes and provide a superior customer experience to all of their users,” said Hernando Parrott, North America President of Open International.

Both CWS and TVWD agree that Open Smartflex is a forward-looking solution that will deliver modern functionalities beyond traditional CIS. Tom Hickman, CEO of Tualatin Valley Water District, stated “We were looking for a solution to keep up with our customers’ rapidly changing needs. We chose Open Smartflex because their solution is the most technologically advanced option compared to other systems in the market. We were impressed by Open’s ability to configure new processes using smart workflows, as well as their support for an omnichannel customer experience. We are confident that we are going to be successful in upgrading our operations and the customer experience with Open International.” Diane Taniguchi-Dennis, CEO of Clean Water Services adds, “The Open Smartflex platform will enable us to provide enhanced customer service including a new customer interface.  It will also provide enriched data for our utility operations. We are delighted to be working with Open International.”


About TVWD and CWS

Tualatin Valley Water District offers water services to areas of Washington County in the state of Oregon. They currently serve more than 215,000 residents in the communities of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, and unincorporated Washington County. For 50 years, Clean Water Services has protected public health while enhancing the natural environment of the Tualatin River Watershed. Combining science and nature, they work in partnership to safeguard the river’s health and vitality, ensure the economic success of the region and clean water for more than 600,000 residents of urban Washington County in the west-metro of Portland, Oregon.




About Open International

For over 33 years, Open has worked with utility companies to improve their Customer to Meter operations and empower them to meet their business goals. Open’s CIS solution has helped utilities overcome their industry’s toughest challenges while developing their digital transformation strategies. With customers in 19 countries, Open Smartflex has helped create holistic and omnichannel customer experience and enhanced innovation for multiple utilities worldwide.



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