Deploying Machine Learning on Energy Data Drives Jump in ESG Performance at Swift Real Estate Partners

February 18, 2021

Gridium technology delivers a real time data layer to Swift’s sustainability strategy and efficiency insights worth about 1.6 million kWh and 360t of CO2 a year

SAN FRANCISCO – February 18, 2021 – Gridium announced today that its energy efficiency technology is providing the data analytics for Swift Real Estate Partners’ sustainability strategy. Swift has achieved its leadership position as an innovative owner and operator of office and industrial properties with initiatives like Swift’s Honey Project – by installing scores of hives across multiple projects, Swift’s Honey Project improves the health of local vegetation and engages tenants in the sustainability of their built environment. Advanced energy data analytics will further Swift’s ESG leadership by lowering its portfolio’s energy use by an estimated 1.6 million kilowatt-hours and associated carbon emissions by about 360 metric tons annually.

Tenants Understand the Importance of Sustainability
“Swift’s tenants care about sustainability, and so do we. Swift is focused on creating spaces that benefit our tenants and the environment, meaning that highly desirable and efficient building operations are essential,” said Olga Ornelas, Director of Operations for Swift’s Northern California portfolio. “Useful insights for our building teams, powered by cutting-edge technology, enable us to lower energy consumption and drive down carbon emissions.”

Gridium technology analyzes utility smart meter data to spot anomalous energy leaks and identify optimal utility rates, and to forecast future energy use and annual budgets. After analyzing four years of data from its Smart Energy Analytics Campaign – spanning 104 organizations, 6,500 buildings, and more than 500 million square feet – the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs quantified savings from energy meter data analytics at $0.03/sf, which is approximately $200,000 per annum for Swift’s portfolio.

“Evidence of excellent building engineering is apparent in what’s not seen. In a finely tuned building, tenants don’t experience issues, the building doesn’t leak energy, wasted emissions do not occur,” said Chris Huizenga, Director of Operations & Engineering. “Gridium’s analytics are running in the background, helping our engineers deliver a smooth experience for tenants and utility bills with lower kWh demand and consumption.”

The Energy Transition on the Path to Sustainability
“Deploying business intelligence across the portfolio unlocks additional efficiency insights and portfolio effects, like sharing best practices and identifying opportunities to dig deeper. This further reduces energy use, cost, and emissions,” said Tom Arnold, CEO at Gridium. “Buildings are key to the energy transition and it’s inspiring to see Swift’s vision and the actions it takes along this important path.”  

The value of demand-side energy management and distributed energy resources is increasing as the Grid adapts to climate change and as the complexity of energy management logic shifts from the utility to the building. Artifacts of this shift are the choices a building faces for its energy rates, supply agreements, community-choice aggregation, and other utility programs and benchmarking regulations. In addition to the expected savings indicated by the LBNL study, Gridium will assist Swift with Energy Star Certification and optimizing utility rate selections.

About Gridium Inc.
Buildings use Gridium to navigate the energy transition by improving efficiency, financing retrofits, and streamlining operations. All told, the company directly serves about 300 million square feet of buildings across the United States, and with Gridium, these buildings save millions of dollars on electricity, gas, and water utility bills, extend the useful lives of their assets, and data-drive their sustainable operations.

About Swift Real Estate Partners
Founded in 2010, Swift Real Estate Partners is headquartered in San Francisco, and has regional offices in Orange County, Portland, the San Francisco East Bay and the Silicon Valley. Swift is a vertically-integrated real estate investment firm which seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for its partners. Swift acquires and repositions office and industrial assets in select West Coast markets, identifying unique opportunities and executing well-defined business plans while providing real-time, day-to-day oversight for each investment. Since inception, Swift has owned and operated real estate valued in excess of $3 billion across more than 10 million square feet. Swift is currently investing on behalf of its third institutional investment vehicle. Swift's professionals bring experience encompassing all aspects of real estate investment and management, including acquisition, financing, leasing, disposition, construction management, property management and marketing services.

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