Western Utility Selects ResilientGrid's RMS Software for Transmission Control Center Operations

July 21, 2021
AUSTIN, Tex. —

The Resiliency Management System® will provide advanced visualization for control center operations

ResilientGrid, Inc. announced that a large Public Power utility in the US has selected the ResilientGrid Resiliency Management System (RMS™) software platform for implementation in their three integrated transmission operations centers. The deployment of the RMS will facilitate important shared situational awareness through advanced visualizations, allowing the operators to see and understand the full transmission system in one place - similar to a “single pane of glass” visualization. The integration of data streams, from the growing number of grid systems (such as SCADA, EMS, weather data, PMUs, advanced network applications, historian), provides for improved capabilities in the control center and fosters increased productivity among the operators and shift supervisors. 

The utility, located in the western region of the US, is focused on providing its operators with best-in-class and innovative technologies that will optimize their environment and efficiencies as they embark on a multiyear project to update the primary, backup, and training centers for transmission and Balancing Authority (BA) operations. ResilientGrid’s RMS will play a central role by integrating the new video walls and operator workstations to provide a consistent and new level of shared situation awareness that is optimized by leveraging ResilientGrid’s expertise in human factors, cognitive systems engineering, and other science-based disciplines. 

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this project,” said Michael Legatt, Founder and CEO of ResilientGrid. “The key to supporting system operators is in improving the ease of access to all of their critical data in a way that is optimized for them, when and where it is needed most. We’re looking forward to supporting continuous improvement in the utility’s control centers, and incorporating current and future advanced technologies, from PMUs to cutting-edge network applications”. 

About ResilientGrid, Inc.
ResilientGrid develops software solutions and services that put the operator at the center of electric grid operations—improving performance both day-to-day and during emergencies. The company’s software platform, ResilientGrid Resiliency Management System® (RMS™), provides operators with an integrated common operational picture for all components on the grid, and facilitates information sharing about system events for management, training, and compliance reporting. Solution suites are continuously improved and vendor-agnostic, designed to integrate with multiple vendor’s core technologies. The company is dedicated to providing grid operators, managers, and critical infrastructure organizations with the best tools available, applying human factors and cognitive system engineering at each of our customers’ facilities, to create environments and systems that enable the greatest possibility of productivity and success.