Efigas and Open International will present a customer service and billing transformation story at Cloud for Utilities Summit 2021

July 23, 2021
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The 2021 Digital + Cloud for Utilities Summit will take place on July 26-30, 2021 on a virtual platform. The virtual event will include a webinar where natural gas distribution company, Efigas, will share how they strengthened their customer service and billing operations with Open Smartflex’s cloud solution.


July 2021. Efigas and Open International are excited to announce their joint presentation of Efigas’s success story at the Digital + Cloud for Utilities Summit. The webinar, which will go live on July 27th, 2021 at 6:00 pm ET, will focus on how Efigas was able to strengthen their operation and focus on their business, thanks to an 8-year strategy that involves a cloud architecture infrastructure and a robust CIS solution.  

Throughout the webinar, Eduardo Alzate, CFO of Efigas, will share the company’s experience with developing new lines of business beyond gas services, which has allowed them to increase their revenue and improve their innovation capabilities. He will also explain how disruptive events like COVID-19 impacted the business and how this combination of technologies helped them adapt to the changes in the market at rapid speeds. Open International’s North American President, Hernando Parrott, will assist Eduardo in presenting and discussing the benefits of having a customer service and billing solution within a cloud and the software requirements needed to support business growth and operational stability.

About the presentation, Parrott said, “During this virtual session, we will have the opportunity to discuss how Open Smartflex, an agile CIS solution, gave Efigas the freedom to define new processes and operational flows in a simple way to support every new emerging customer-facing needs. We will also demonstrate Open’s dedication to working with our customers to overcome their biggest challenges and help them exceed their customers’ expectations”.  


About Efigas

EFIGAS is a company that distributes natural gas in 63 towns in the coffee region or central zone of the country. It stands out for receiving the Icontec seal of sustainability for the implementation of the best sustainability practices, achieving a rating of 97% in the economic dimension and 93% in the social and environmental dimension. The company's highest purpose is to transform lives for a lifetime.


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