Illumine Industries and Got Electric LLC Unite to Bolster Virginia’s Clean Energy Arsenal

December 03, 2021
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Ajith Papineni
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AUSTIN, Tex. —

Illumine Industries recently announced that it has designed over 25 Megawatts of solar capacity in the state of Virginia in collaboration with Got Electric LLC.

The major beneficiaries of this initiative were a chain of schools from the Orange and August Counties in Virginia.

“We succeeded in designing over 15 Megawatts of solar capacity for more than 20 schools across these localities,” said Terance Harper, Assistant Engineering Manager at Illumine Industries. Throwing light on how the initiative helped save the schools a fortune in utility cost, he added, “We provided the schools with the latest CPS String Inverters and interconnected them with Dominion Energy, which went a long way in lowering their electricity bills.”

In addition to being a success from a financial standpoint, the project also succeeded in spreading awareness on clean energy among a legion of young minds. “The kids were thrilled to witness first-hand the installation of a modern technology that powered their buildings,” said Joshua Kraybill, Project Manager, Got Electric LLC. “I am sure sensitizing the kids to the merits of clean energy will sculpt them into eco-conscious adults as they grow up.”

The collaborative efforts of Illumine Industries and Got Electric LLC don’t end there. They joined hands again to pen more success stories, this time by overseeing the completion of two more major projects in the state. “One was a Rooftop Solar System of approximately 3MW for a Cold Storage Facility in Virginia,” recalled Andy Hershberger, Director of Got Electric LLC Virginia Operations. “The other was a 2MW project designed specifically for a medical facility in the state.”

With the projects redefining the way energy needs within the state are met, there is optimism among the hopefuls that a state-wide adoption of clean energy isn’t far away. “The widespread reception our projects received has got all of us envisioning a future where clean energy takes center stage,” added Andy.

Together, the two firms have been instrumental in propelling the state towards its goal of deploying 16,100 MW of clean energy from solar and wind.


Illumine Industries:

Illumine Industries is a sustainable living firm with expertise in design and engineering, specializing in Power and Construction Engineering services. The company supports the development of renewable power plants (Solar PV), energy-efficient buildings with state-of-the-art construction methodologies, clean transportation, and cutting-edge agriculture and manufacturing technologies. Since its inception, ILLUMINE-i has grown both horizontally and vertically, performing new services and expanding its clientele across the globe.

Got Electric, LLC:

Got Electric, LLC is a Mid-Atlantic-focused electrical construction contractor and EPC that specializes in services ranging from Residential Service calls to Commercial service and Solar Installation. The company supports an extensive list of industry partners, including Utilities, Private Equity Developers, and General Contractors. With a team of 50 members and an extensive list of regional subcontractors among its ranks, Got Electric has transformed itself into a major player capable of scaling to any required project capacity. So far, the company’s solar division has built over 85+ projects, totaling over 100 megawatts of commercial and utility solar and gaining recognition as the ‘Top Solar Contractor’ by Solar Power Magazine multiple times.