Anterix Active Ecosystem Program Launches Cybersecurity Initiative

December 07, 2021
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Anterix (NASDAQ: ATEX) today announced the launch of the Anterix Security Collective, bringing together a team of 900 MHz private LTE cyber-physical solutions providers within the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program (AAEP). The objective of the Anterix Security Collective is to foster sector-specific knowledge, solutions, and collaboration in response to growing cyber-physical security concerns for our nation's utilities.

Members of the Anterix Security Collective have been selected by Anterix and represent cyber-physical security companies that are well-positioned to enhance utility defenses in the context of 900 MHz private LTE networks. Each Anterix Security Collective member is committed to collaborating with utilities and within the Collective to contribute toward finding and implementing comprehensive solutions. Anterix anticipates that the membership of the Security Collective will expand over time.

"Beyond deploying a private LTE network, utilities' Operational Technology (OT) security risks and needs differ greatly from traditional Information Technology (IT) customers of communications platforms in their security approaches and potential solution sets; finding the right partners in this highly complex area can be tough," said Ryan Gerbrandt, Anterix's Chief Operating Officer. "The AAEP is about helping customers capture the value of their private LTE networks, so we took on the hard work of identifying, vetting, and engaging leading companies in the field to create an expert, collaborative resource to assist them in reaching their cyber and physical security goals as well."

Since its inception in May 2021, the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program has grown from 37 participating companies to over 65; as a cyber and physical security branch of the AAEP, the Anterix Security Collective begins today with 6 participants (some of which were already AAEP members), including Mandiant, Onclave Networks, Inc., PacketViper, Q-Net Security, Qubitekk, and Sierra Nevada Corporation.  

Hear from our initial members in their own words how they describe their solutions and contributions to the Anterix Security Collective. 


"Mandiant recognizes that collective and collaborative action is key to delivering comprehensive security for utilities," said Marshall Heilman, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Mandiant. "We are pleased to bring the Mandiant Advantage platform and our cyber threat intelligence expertise to this effort."

Onclave Networks, Inc. 

"LTE is a leading international cellular standard with a raft of built-in security features. The Anterix Security Collective will help us work with utilities—and with each other—to augment LTE's native security capabilities and meet each utility's particular security requirements," said Don Stroberg, Onclave Networks CEO. "Onclave is looking forward to bring our Zero Trust technology and The Onclave TrustedPlatformTM to support this collaborative effort." 


"Anterix has assembled an impressive group with the Anterix Security Collective to address cybersecurity issues of utilities as they become smarter and more connected, and we are extremely proud to be included," said Ken Wolf, PacketViper President and COO. "Anterix's critical infrastructure customers can trust PacketViper's Deception360 to help meet their cybersecurity needs with real-time, automated threat detection and response across converging IT and OT networks, without any risk of unplanned downtime." 

Q-Net Security

"As a charter member of the Anterix Active Ecosystem, we are excited to take this next step with Anterix in forming the Anterix Security Collective," said Dr. Ronald Indeck, CEO at Q-Net Security. "Utilities demand the strongest network cybersecurity, and we are proud to bring our data authentication security to this unique collaboration."


"Qubitekk is proud to bring our Quantum technology to support the Anterix Security Collective," said Dr. Duncan Earl, Qubitekk's President and CTO. "Protection, like that provided by our quantum telecommunications equipment using quantum entanglement can help secure communications across the utility networks." 

Sierra Nevada Corporation

"SNC is excited to join the Anterix Security Ecosystem where it can protect our country's critical infrastructure using Binary Armor," said Pete Fischer, SNC's senior director of Cyber Programs. "Safeguarding and monitoring all activity at the edge with our inline cybersecurity solution is long overdue. We see this as a pivotal step toward not only detection of threats to our power grid, water systems, transportation networks – really the systems that make up the backbone of our country – but toward physical protection of those systems as well. Binary Armor detects and protects."


At Anterix, we are focused on delivering transformative private broadband that enables the modernization of critical infrastructure for the energy, transportation, logistics and other sectors of our economy. As the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, we are uniquely positioned to enable the private LTE solutions that support secure, sustainable, resilient and customer-controlled operations.