CobraVision Launches New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services for the Global Utility Market

January 03, 2022
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Jeffrey Wendorf
(612) 805-0829

CobraVision, LLC introduces a  breakthrough product in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) services for utilities on a global scale.  CobraVision™ is a new venture between Radus Software of Reston, VA and the former Oracle utility management team led by Jeff Wendorf, VP of Sales and Marketing and Jason Buettner, VP of Solution Engineering. CobraVision™ will serve utilities through the development of AI technology solutions designed to improve outcomes for safety (missing hard hat & vest), construction quality (as-builts), and inspection of critical utility assets (woodpecker holes, lattice tower weights, storm damage assessment) and more.

CobraVision Founder, Sudi Sankavaram commented, “The combination of Radus and the extensive utility experience of our management team makes for a groundbreaking business model for CobraVision™. We are convinced that this collaboration will enhance our ability to uniquely serve the utility market.”

CobraVision™,  like its namesake King Cobra, has developed its own ‘special powers.’   Wendorf states, “the AI services we developed are created and trained  to interpret and understand the safety, asset inspection, and construction quality needs of the utility business.  The service includes collecting imagery and LiDAR data from a variety of sources that include videos, stationary worksite cameras and drone footage.  CobraVision’s special powers allow it to identify, classify, and respond to this imagery—providing you with real-time knowledge of issues with fixed assets, safety, and construction practices.  The result for the utility is a notable improvement in the efficiency of projects and operations for contractors, inspectors, consultants, and software providers.”  

Further, CobraVision™ is positioned to help the entire network that surrounds the utility sector. Sankavaram  states, “Collaboration doesn’t start and end with CobraVision™ and the team, but the impact and reach will extend to the network surrounding a utility using a collaborative marketplace we developed called CobraConnect.” He adds, “our team is driven and is enthusiastic about the possibilities that this cooperative effort will benefit the utility market with an entire AI ecosystem.” 

AI will be the cornerstone of the next wave of innovation in construction, inspection and safety. CobraVision™ is at the forefront of establishing an intelligent foundation to work with clients and collaboratively develop use-cases that bring measurable real-world value to the utility market.  For more information, please contact us below or visit our website,



Like the revered King Cobra, CobraVision provides superior visibility, detection and sensitivity to issues important to utility key decision-makers. Whether provided through our CobraConnect Partner network or through a direct relationship with you, we can deliver topline decision-making clarity from the massive volumes of data, pictures and video by leveraging our enterprise service delivery partnerships and advanced algorithmic machine learning tools and processes.