2018 State of the Electric Utility Survey [Webinar]

Now in its fifth year, the annual state of the electric utility webinar is available for viewing.  In this year's webinar, our panel of well-regarded industry professionals discuss changes in the current utility industry.  How have advances in renewables and energy storage technology affected utilities in recent years? What is the impact from the proliferation and business success of clean energy and the continuation of historically low natural gas prices?

Since 1986, the amount of power supplied by U.S. utilities has more than doubled, reaching nearly 4 million gigawatt hours (GWh) in 2016. Learn more about how the ripple effect of how power is generated has altered the environment, economy, politics, law, business, energy infrastructure and technology, as well as nearly every aspect of where and how people live.

This annual report has become an invaluable resource for industry professionals over the past five years. We welcome you to explore the state of the electric utility in our 5th annual webinar.