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  • Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, Building in Washington DC
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    qingwa via Getty Images

    The maxim of the SEC’s climate rule: What you don’t know can hurt you

    The standardized disclosures of climate risks will effectively lay bare companies’ readiness to transition to low-carbon operating models and the mounting physical hazards they face, the authors write.

    Bob Hinkle and Lisa Jacobson • Sept. 22, 2022
  • Pike Electric service trucks line up after a snow storm on February 16, 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Ron Jenkins via Getty Images

    Secretive committee of utility insiders could undermine Texas energy leadership and affordability

    The Texas Legislature needs to ensure that self-interested electric generation actors are not sacrificing Texas families and businesses to protect their market share, the author writes.

    Landon Stevens • Sept. 20, 2022
  • Solar panel installer installing solar panels on roof of modern house.
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    Eloi Omella via Getty Images

    Taking the utility monopoly door down to put more solar up

    A proposal by Sunnova would end nearly a century of guaranteed monopoly for California utilities by letting other companies not just sell power but use an alternative delivery system to the utility's platform, the author writes.

    John Farrell • Sept. 15, 2022
  • California skyline with buildings, palm trees and mountains
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    Denis Tangney Jr via Getty Images

    Fixing California’s resource adequacy woes

    The real questions are what level of bulk reliability we want and whether we are willing to invest in the institutional change needed to support it, the author writes.

    Fredrich Kahrl • Sept. 14, 2022
  • FERC headquarters
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    Permission granted by Esme Howland

    FERC’s duty of candor expansion would pose tough challenges for energy industry communication

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s proposed duty of candor expansion is not ready for prime time, the authors write.

    Zach Terwilliger, John Decker and Ryan Hoeffner • Sept. 9, 2022
  • Oil Or Gas Transportation With Blue Gas Or Pipe Line Valves On Soil And Sunrise Background
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    onurdongel via Getty Images

    To boost clean energy, incentivize innovation in existing natural gas infrastructure

    Eliminating access to affordable energy options like the direct use of natural gas — particularly at a time when solar and wind are not able to meet energy demand — is not a wise path forward, the author writes.

    Dave Schryver • Sept. 8, 2022
  • Electricity from solar panels, dams, and wind turbines. Environmentally-friendly renewable energy concept.
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    bombermoon via Getty Images

    How states and utilities can capitalize on the biggest clean energy legislation in US history

    Utilities should use the IRA’s tax credits and reinvestment financing to accelerate their clean power ambitions, replacing risky fossil plants with renewables to boost profits and cut consumer costs, the authors write.

    Dan Esposito and Kimani Jeffrey • Aug. 31, 2022
  • Electricity from solar panels, dams, and wind turbines. Environmentally-friendly renewable energy concept.
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    bombermoon via Getty Images

    Wind and solar power aren’t enough to combat climate change. We need to incentivize firm renewables, too.

    For too long, federal U.S. policy has taken a siloed perspective and focused almost exclusively on developing popular intermittent renewable solutions, like wind and solar — and it’s not enough, the author writes. 

    George Sakellaris • Aug. 26, 2022
  • Solar panels, wind turbines and a transmission line.
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    lovelyday12 via Getty Images

    Liberty never looked so green: Policy implications of private carbon-free energy commitments

    Our struggling climate, economy and public finances face a triple reckoning. Enabling private capital to voluntarily flow to its most productive uses benefits all three, the author writes.

    Devin Hartman • Aug. 17, 2022
  • Electric pylons in a field.
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    VISION4RY-L4NGU4GE via Getty Images

    MISO can improve reliability before building transmission

    Well before MISO builds out its recently approved $10 billion transmission portfolio, it can avoid blackouts by boosting its operating reserves rather than keeping a singular focus on planning reserves, the authors write.

    Rao Konidena and Allison Bates Wannop • Aug. 15, 2022
  • bitcoin crypto mining data center
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    luza studios via Getty Images

    Coordination between utilities and crypto miners — when does it make sense?

    Some, but not too much, demand response can be a win-win for utilities and crypto miners, the authors contend.

    Steve Wright and Hassan Shaban • Aug. 11, 2022
  • First Solar's Series 6 modules deployed in a project in Kern County, California
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    Permission granted by First Solar

    Diving into the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax credits and the ambitious plan to reshape the US energy sector

    Tax incentives in the plan would stabilize federal energy policy, incentivize domestic manufacturing, and benefit communities impacted most by the changing energy landscape, the author writes.

    Mona Dajani • Aug. 9, 2022
  • Electrical power grid and power line towers at sunset.
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    YinYang via Getty Images

    Why electricity is more expensive and less reliable

    After a quarter century, the evidence is accumulating that our experiment with electricity restructuring is failing, former chairman and CEO of the Illinois Commerce Commission Brien Sheahan writes.

    Brien J. Sheahan • Aug. 3, 2022
  • Power lines
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    "Power lines" by Michaela Pereckas is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Lack of policy to broaden regional transmission investment opportunity is holding development back

    The industry needs policies in place to incentivize those who host regional transmission facilities by providing them with an opportunity to invest in this infrastructure – and earn a profit, the author writes.

    Matt Lacey • July 25, 2022
  • A beautifully lit scene with sunbeams on an offshore wind farm turbine.
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    glegorly via Getty Images

    Unleashing the economic power and reliability potential of West Coast offshore wind

    Offshore wind can have significant reliability, economic and climate benefits, but policy action is needed now, the authors write.

    Mike O’Boyle and Michelle Solomon • July 19, 2022
  • At 7 a.m., we had 888,229 power outages in Louisiana due to Ida’s destruction. Power outages continue to increase today as the storm moves through Mississippi.
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    Courtesy of Entergy

    Lack of investment and innovation adds to worries of grid failure and outages

    If we want to get off this endless loop of seasonal failure warnings, outages, and crises, a major effort needs to be made to invest in this grid of the future, the author writes.

    Landon Stevens • July 18, 2022
  • A wind turbine near a fossil fuel power plant in Massachusetts
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    Maudib via Getty Images

    Bay staters are choosing clean energy. Why are lawmakers favoring utility monopolies?

    Now is the time to expand choice, not to shut down a market that is saving ratepayers money while enabling a transition to a clean energy future, the author writes.

    Christopher Ercoli • July 14, 2022
  • Solar panel installer installing solar panels on roof of modern house.
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    Eloi Omella via Getty Images

    The end is near for monopolies: We must liberate the US power consumer

    We must give Americans a choice when it comes to how and where they source their energy and at what price, the author writes.

    William J. (John) Berger • July 8, 2022
  • Puerto Ricans have built the largest renewable peaker plant in the world. Let's use it.

    It’s not too late for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority to see the obvious economic and societal value of virtual power plants to mitigate blackouts, the author says.

    Javier Rúa-Jovet • June 28, 2022
  • (for Utility Dive storage series)
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    Adeline Kon/Utility Dive

    How utilities can harness green hydrogen production's flexibility in balancing a high-renewables grid

    As green hydrogen gains momentum, understanding its role as a demand-side resource will help achieve reliability in a high-renewables grid, writes Energy Innovation’s Eric Gimon.

    Eric Gimon • June 27, 2022
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    cscott4 via Getty Images

    Why President Biden's order to increase production of energy-saving technologies isn't enough

    Our existing energy systems, gas or electric, are collective solutions to our community’s needs. Our transition to cleaner buildings must be collective as well, the author writes. 

    John Farrell • June 23, 2022
  • An illustration of utility-scale battery storage.
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    Adeline Kon/Utility Dive

    'All hands on deck' for the energy storage industry

    A greater sense of urgency is needed to support markets for energy storage, a proven technology that provides the transformational pathway to wean ourselves off fossil fuels, the author writes.

    Kelly Sarber • June 21, 2022
  • Gas pipeline with multiple valves.
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    insagostudio via Getty Images

    President Biden's commitment to energy security needs certainty on natural gas

    The Biden administration can keep its pledge to fund renewable energy development while also addressing the need for more natural gas today, the author writes.

    Richard D. Kauzlarich • June 16, 2022
  • One cooperative should not be allowed to derail our collective clean energy efforts

    If that is allowed to happen, the clean energy transition will be much like it is today — primarily enjoyed by customers of large investor-owned and municipal utilities that serve urban areas, the CEOs of three Colorado co-ops write.

    Jessica Matlock, Jeff Wadsworth, and Brad Zaporski • June 8, 2022
  • Timber Road II Wind Farm
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    Lott, Keith. (2011). "Timber Road II Wind Farm" [photograph]. Retrieved from Flickr.

    FERC's acceptance of 2 capacity accreditation methods will complicate renewables development

    The stakes are high: As more intermittent resources enter markets, the quantity procured and capacity payments will depend on each market’s specific capacity accreditation rules, the authors write.

    Joseph Cavicchi and Charles Wu • June 6, 2022